Australia’s Gold Jewellery Sector a Safer Bet For Investing, says ABC Refinery Liquidation

jewelry, gold, precious stones on black backgroundIt’s not always obvious how and where to enter any specialised sector – and this could certainly be the case for those thinking of investing in gold and other precious metals. The prospective investor needs to find a company to work with, decide the type and amount of gold they plan to acquire, and then choose exactly what they’d like to do with it.

But there are other times when procuring physical gold couldn’t be easier, thanks to jewellery, granules and other fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand products. According to ABC Refinery Liquidation, jewellery and granules can be the everyday solution for those who aren’t ready to commit to market investing either through physical bars and coins or exchange-traded fund options. Here we explore this practical solution, which also retains impressive value.

Jewellery can come in the form of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and other small adornments. Vogue magazine points out in a late 2017 article that Australian brands such as Holly Ryan, Samantha Wills and Ryan Storer are offering items that can range from “statement to stackable and dainty to minimalist”. Either way, “there’s simply no wrongdoing in the way of jewellery this season”. Some may look at Australia’s jewellery industry for fashion first, and that’s completely fine. It’s hard to refuse “thick-cut gold”, “back-resting pendants”, “dainty chains” or “statement pendants,” as Vogue says of offerings from Australian-based companies. As the employer of the region’s best team of jewellery experts, ABC Refinery Liquidation says that these items of jewlellery shouldn’t be overlooked for both their aesthetic and inherent values.

According to an August 2018 article from Forbes magazine, gold jewellery in any form is an investment at heart. “And when from the sea of many labels and [jewellery] collections, we finally find that piece that connects and resonates with us and our stories, we commit. We invest,” the magazine says of gold jewellery. ABC Refinery Liquidation couldn’t agree more and, as a mine-to-market solution for clients, its knowledge on this sector of gold is often worth banking on.

Gold is an investment opportunity, and holding onto family heirlooms or securing new gold for the portfolio is a solid financial move. That’s because gold has historically proven itself to be a safe investment during time of economic downturn – and there’s no reason why small gold rings can’t stand toe-to-toe with hefty gold bars.


ABC Refinery Liquidation Closely Following Market Indicators for Remainder of 2018

abc refinery liquidationWhether it’s a nest egg, part of a rainy-day fund or a way of diversifying an investment portfolio, gold has long been the standard by which smart savers are judged. While gold is often stable and a safe bet for those looking to increase the value of their portfolio, it’s well-known that markets can and will fluctuate.

According to a 20 July 2018 Forbes magazine article, some experts are saying that those fluctuations could be on the near horizon. No need to worry though, as ABC Refinery Liquidation is keeping up with the news and tracking the markets that their gold bars and coins and other products are released into.

According to the Forbes article, judging the “price of an asset relative to its historical norms, and investor asset flows as they pertain to those prices” should be homework for any gold investor. And pitting “quantitative metrics” against “investor fear and greed” can help paint more of the unbiased picture that gold investors are looking for. It’s with this in mind that the article takes a hard look at weekly futures since 2011, per-ounce prices and net investor assets placed in the gold markets. The takeaway is that gold values could trend downward in 2018.

In our opinion, that’s what gold does from time to time – but the precious metal has always been a haven during times of economic instability. The article does concede that “adjusting your portfolio allocations based on what you read in the newspapers and see in the nightly news is, more often than not, incomplete information that leads to poor investment decisions.” We think that paying close attention never hurt anyone.

Australia is home to the second-largest gold refining operation in the globe, and that’s home base for ABC Refinery Liquidation. As a division of the privately owned Pallion, this operation has spent decades refining and processing precious metals that are released to the public. This gold comes in the form of bars, coins, tablets and granules. ABC Refinery Liquidation has the ability to refine more than 100 tonnes of gold annually, so its product has been picked up by the public for its aesthetic qualities or as investment opportunities. The company was also recently accredited by the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which meant that ABC Refinery had to prove its corporate worth before being able to sell its product in China. With that accomplished, investors outside of Australia will now be able to take advantage of ABC Refinery Liquidation.